What is #OurMagicCar?


How to play in 5 easy steps

Create a car badge

Help your kid create a car badge and write #OurMagicCar on it

Learn the 2-metre rule

Explain that their magic car is 2 metres around them (and you) in all directions

Wear the badge

Get your kid to wear the badge and play the game whenever they’re outside

Win the game

They win the game if they get home without ‘bumping’ their magic car into anyone

Share a photo

Share a photo of your kid’s badge on social media using #OurMagicCar

Get inspired

Need help with your kid’s badge?

Check out the printable cutouts of our 7 most popular designs here or click below to explore the full list of cutout designs (we’ve even added a few car parts as well!)


Hints & tips


The game also helps you encourage your kid not to touch outdoor surfaces like gates, benches, etc, which could be contaminated with COVID-19


If you want your kid to wear a face mask (or they are confused/ worried by others wearing them), you may find it helpful to say that masks are magic car windscreens


The younger your kid is, the longer it may take them to understand #OurMagicCar, however with a little time and encouragement, we hope they’ll soon get the idea


You don’t need to share photos of your kid on social media unless you want to – the idea is only to share a photo of your kid’s badge using #OurMagicCar


Want to go further? Rather than just wearing a badge/mask, your kid can bring a horn, dress up, wear a driver’s helmet and so on… the only limits to the game are the limits to their imagination

Frequently asked questions

1Why was #OurMagicCar created?
It was created in response to the UN’s global call out to creatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As getting too close to others increases everyone’s risk of getting COVID-19, we want to make it easy for parents to help young kids stay back without alarming them.
2Why is the distance 2 metres?
This is the World’s Health Organisation’s recommended minimum distance to stay back from others. If you are too close, you can breathe in small liquid droplets from other people’s coughs and sneezes, which could include the COVID-19 virus.
3Who created #OurMagicCar?

#OurMagicCar was created by Havas Life Medicom in partnership with CS Media and Robin Fox.

Havas Life Medicom
Havas Life Medicom is an award-winning, integrated, global medical communications agency and part of Havas Health & You, within the Havas network.

CS media
CS Media are a video production company with over 25 years experience producing innovative, award-winning content for some of the world’s biggest brands

Robin Fox | DOP
Robin Fox | DOP is an award-winning Director of Photograpy, who has worked on a broad range of productions from documentary and drama to digital and commercials.